Charity Cycle Ride


On Sunday 7th September 422 cyclists took part in a charity cycle ride to raise money for ABF-The Soldiers Charity. The cyclists aged for 9 years to 79 Years and over 22,000 miles were cycled over the three routes. The 26 mile route was a flat ride for families and beginners with a 35 mile route that was a slightly more challenging route. The 64 mile route
was for the hard core cyclists taking in three major climbs
of Aston Hill, Bison Hill and Wendover Hill.


The event was put on with thanks to our generous sponsors who included Stanbridge Parish Council who donated £1000. These funds were used to put on the community event. The day raised £11500 through registration fees sponsorships and generous donations on the day. 


over 50 local residents gave up their Sunday to help and marshal the event. Parking was provided on the village green and Tony and Laura Brown of Tilsworth Manor also donated their fields. This kept the village of Stanbridge clear from any congestion. The event was extremely successful and is without the biggest event held in Stanbridge. With this being the centenary year of the Great war is seems fitting for Stanbridge which is classed as a "thankful village" to show its commitment to our heroes"



Solar Farm Planning Exhibition - 1/10/2014 at the Community Hall


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 Parish Counciller Vacancy

We are very sorry to see Lynda Spikesley leave the council, however this does mean that a vacancy is now avaliable.
For more information please see the noitice displayed under the 'Councillors' page.



Motorcross Site

17th October 2014
The Motorcycle Track south of Billington Road has submitted a new planning application to vary their hours of operation and the volume of bikes allowed on the site.  Please see the attached document under the Motorcross Site page for further details


Travelling showpeople – site 114 Billington Road

25th April 2014

Regular updates are continuing to be placed on the Disscusions Forum by Paul

14th April 2014

Please be aware that to the best of our knowledge, Site 114 (land near the Rugby club) has been withdrawn from sale and is no longer on the current CBC G&T plan.  The Parish Council have written to obtain confirmation from the County Council on this matter. 

The Parish Council and the local Focus Group continue to monitor this situation and are committed to supporting the other Parishes surrounding our village with regard to authorised and unauthorised pitches.  This is due to the increasing numbers which we don't believe are sustainable in these small communities.  Whilst understanding the need and legal commitments for continued growth for G & T communities, it is felt to be unfair that they should all be given land in such a localised area alone.

Currently we have approx. 150 pitches within 4 mile radius of Stanbridge Church.  This represents approx 60% of the 247 pitches authorised to date by CBC - 67 authorised pitches alone in Billington. 

Further updates will be posted on the webpage as we become aware of them.  CBC are currently outlining the new G&T plan which will cover the increase in numbers up to 2031.  A further 131 pitches are required in Bedfordshire for that period (this represents a 2% growth) plus 25 pitches for Travelling Showpeople.  The plan is due for completion by 31st Jan 2014 with a consultation period in Feb/March 2014.  


Internet Speed Campaign

Stanbridge is now in the current plans for Central Bedfordshire Councils broadband upgrade.  We are part of Phase 7, so it is anticipated that we will recieve our upgrade between January and June of 2016.  The upgrade should bring us speed of upto 24Mbps against the average in Stanbridge being around 1Mbps.

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