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New Parish Clerk
Our Clerk, Lesley Hall, will be leaving the Council on 30th April due to increasing work commitments elsewhere.  We are delighted to welcome Mrs Maxine Whiting as our new Clerk.  Maxine will start work for us on the 14th April and work a two week hand over period alongside Lesley.  She will be attending our Annual Parish Meeting which will provide you all with an opportunity to meet her.  Please continue to use Lesley's contact details until 30th April and we will update you, via the website, of new details in due course. 

Solar farm

There has been some call for a discussion purely for the Solar farm. This has been done and is avaliable underneath the discussions tab. 
Or a link is avaliable here:
A rumour has spread saying that the solar farm has been granted planning permission by CBC.  THIS IS UNTRUE.  The solar farm consultants have continued to work with CBC on a possible new application, as they are entitled to do.  Stanbridge Parish Council's view has not changed since the last letter that was written to CBC.  Any future application (should one be made), will be considered by the Parish council in conjuction with the residents.  Until then, the Parish Council will continue to monitor the situation.
The website follows its original statment: "The application for a solar farm has now been withdrawn and our webpage has been archived, please contact the councillors for further information if needed."


Stanbridge Motocross - Application CB/14/03678/VOC
The Committee Meeting was held at 10 am on Wednesday 14th January 2015, at CBC offices, Chicksands in Shefford.
Stanbridge, Eaton Bray and Billington were all represented, and members from all 3 Parish Councils spoke against the planning request along with a number of local residents from the 148 who objected.  Mark Versallion also spoke on our behalf and against the application. The site operator and one other spoke for the application. The Committee voted 7-3 in Favour. Therefore the operator will be able to run the Motocross from October 1st to 30th April with 18 bikes (7 months) on Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10-1 pm and 1:30-3:30 pm.

Prior to October 1st, the current permissions will remain in place: 7 bikes 10-12:30 pm and 2:30-5 pm. 


Contact Details

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